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No more saying no at the expense of yourself.

I am here to help you begin healing your shit with love and relationships in a new way— by embodying the version of you the world needs: your most worthy, loving, aligned, and receptive self.  I am here to immerse you in a trauma informed world, here to help you experience meditation and yoga from a different perspective.  One, that allows you to jumpstart into a new reality.

This requires you to step into a new way of being.

If you’re ready to…

Heal from codependency.

Find more self-love.

Create strong boundaries.

Manifest your true HEALTHY love.

Stop people-pleasing, feeling unworthy, and chasing love.

Then know that the Universe is calling you into taking a QUANTUM LEAP: embodying your highest self, and your most confident, loving, bad bitch self.

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Here is a breakdown of what to expect when working with me 1-1.


You will receive weekly 1-1 private coaching sessions with Abi that you will schedule ahead of time and unlimited text/voice note support during the process.  The duration of these sessions is determined upon choosing 3 or 6 months of support with me.  Pricing starts at $1444 for 3 months.


Sessions with Abi will include coaching and a variety of alternative therapies.  Abi includes her background of body insight therapy as well as meditation and yoga into her programs.  Every person who enters this program receives a different protocol in order to reach their goals with the most success.  Abi is also trauma informed and uses that approach to help craft the perfect blend of modalities that would be helpful for you on your quest to manifesting whatever it is you desire.  You can expect to dive deep into chakras, energy work, numerology, oracles, meditation, yoga, and more on your journey with Abi as your coach and facilitator.  

*Must book all sessions in advanced once accepted into the program of your choice.  All options include access to The Key To The Heart and 7 Chakras in Business eCourses.


“To anyone who is hesitant about working with Abi… Abi is incredibly knowledgeable about yoga practice. If you have a basic knowledge about chakras she is able to elaborate much more deeply. I’ve even been more disciplined into doing my practice. I would recommend these sessions because, again, even if you don’t know everything about the practices Abi is able to elaborate and go deeper as to why we’re doing what we’re doing and how that helps you evolve as a person. She breaks each practice down answering any questions you still may have. After having sessions with Abi I feel I have a CLEAR understanding about what I need to continue doing. Moving forward I hope to absorb and hold on to information she has provided not only during our sessions but from her book Intro to Chakra Yoga as well.”


former client

Codependency was a trap for me.

Previously always sticking in relationships that I knew were no good.

Constantly putting all of my happiness and worth into my “boyfriend” or if I didn’t have that it would be a “best friend”.

Yet it would never be enough to fill my own cup.

There’s only so much someone else can do for you and your own feelings of success and worth.

I would stay with men out of the fear of being alone.

I put so much pressure and worth on ME being the loyal one that I would constantly excuse the other person’s actions.

I would people please as much as I had to in order to TRY to make someone be what I wanted.

Little did I know that was never the way to get what you deserved in a relationship.

It takes a lot of strength to lay down those boundaries and stand firmly in the decision to always put yourself first.

For one you should never have to prove yourself in a relationship and if you always feel like you are walking on eggshells that’s a pretty clear sign that something is wrong.

This person is just a learning experience; they are not the person for you.

If you had the love you needed for yourself you wouldn’t be in situations where you have to play games or chase.

True love is ready to be with you and they don’t play games or make you have to prove yourself.

I know exactly what it feels like to not feel worthy enough of the love you desire.

I grew up without a father or any kind of prominent male figure in my life.

On top of experiencing trauma, this made me believe that I have to give everything for a man to give me attention.

I also fell into the trap of people-pleasing, never saying no, and being miss perfect.

I found myself constantly chasing love from men that were emotionally unavailable and ultimately could never give me the love I deserved.

So just like any other human being, I thought this meant that something was wrong with me.

I started to put so much pressure on myself and in having the perfect relationship that I would catch myself getting jealous and comparing what I had with others.

I tried so hard to be the perfect woman for men that wouldn’t do the same for me and it created a cycle where I just felt like shit about myself.

When really the whole time all I needed was to fill up my space with my own love and worth.

It wasn’t until I filled myself up with the feeling of being truly worthy of the love that I was able to attract love in another person that I always desired.

What I have figured out WORKS

Now I am in the most loving relationship of my life, one where I truly feel loved in the way that I desire.

Learn to embody the energy of the love YOU want.

When I did that my true love appeared exactly the way I desired and ultimately needed to be in a healthy true love relationship.


You are worthy of the lushest love.

A love that is so excited to expand and grow with you.

A lover that wants to eye gaze the morning away.

One who wants to sensitize their body and existence with awareness.

The person that holds you when life is a mess.

The one that truly loves you through all the chaos.

A love that communicates in the language that your heart truly craves.

A person that is so beyond playing games.

Someone that touches you in a way that ignites your soul.

A lover that 100% wants to expand and grow in your relationship.

The type of love with the capacity to give and receive ALL the pleasure.

There is no push or pull here, no games, just heart, and deep communication.

I see it all for you.


Once I realized how worthy I was he showed up.

Actually everything started to show up once I realized my worth, including money and better health.


I invite you…

To stand firm in the belief that you are worthy of the love that you desire.

This is the version of you who…

-isn’t stuck in the codependency cycle

– is no longer chasing people who are emotionally unavailable to you

-has stopped trying to be perfect or being afraid of failing

-doesn’t self-sabotage or neglects your own needs

-finally feels worthy of love