What Is Swara?

Swara is fully inclusive safe online yoga space for those who identify as female or non-binary.



Explore different lineages of yoga within the Swara Studio including Hatha, Kundalini, and Prenatal. Enjoy classes with a variety of skill levels.



Work on your physical well being while gaining the tools to achieve goals easier at the same time. Yoga literally means union bringing everything into balance.



Swara Studio introduces, themed series on the deeper aspects of manifestation and yoga.



Step-by-step pose tutorials and more!



Discover your energetic body and connection to the cosmos within Swara.



Swara Studio invites you to explore the 12 Laws of the Universe.



Enjoy monthly group oracle readings and intention setting virtual meetings.



Custom class requests just submit a ticket for exactly what you want to learn in a class.



Only $15 a month after your free 30-day trial ends.


sound or musical note; the continuous flow of air through one nostril

This Sanskrit word was chosen intentionally as a studio we strive to uphold the sacred practice of Yoga by honoring its cultures and many roots it holds. You will find within our studio a lot of educational content about Yogas history and origins.

What Do Our Members Say?

Consequ untur autem, irure elementum eiusmod platea dictum possimus posuere magna.

“Abi is incredibly knowledgeable about yoga practice. If you have a basic knowledge about chakras she is able to elaborate much more deeply. I’ve even been more disciplined into doing my practice.”


“I was impressed with the length and amount if information it has. I know a lot about chakras from being a reiki master, but there’s so much information about yoga poses, meditations, and more!”


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not flexible/fit can I do the yoga in Swara Studio?

Yes! In fact you are the perfect person to start practicing yoga. Yoga is a tool for all physical levels from beginner to advanced. Here within the Swara Studio you will find a variety of classes with different physical skill levels. There is also plenty of educational content on manifestation and meditation. You will also find a lot of relaxing practices within the studio that require little to none physical activity.

What is yoga?

Yoga a Sanskrit word that translates to “union”. Yoga is not a gym exercise nor is it a religion. Yoga is a universal science that has roots in every ancient culture. Rediscovering how to tap back into this sacred ancient system of the mind-body connection is the biggest science exploration of this century. After all we currently know more about the galaxy than we do the human mind.

How do I pay for online yoga membership? What if I want to cancel?

When you sign up with the Swara Studio you receive a 30-day free trial. At the end of your 30-day trial you will be billed $15 per month unless you cancel your membership. You can cancel or pause your membership at anytime within your account portal. Due to the 30-day free trial there are no refunds for Swara Studio memberships.

What lineages of yoga does Swara Studio teach?

Within the Swara Studio you can expect to find the practices and teachings of the following Yoga lineages
-Kundalini Tantra
-3HO Kundalini
-Prenatal + Post natal

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