• -thinking about them more than yourself and your life
  • -reading personal development material thinking about them, not yourself
  • -sending them more spiritual healing than you send to yourself
  • -trying to grow and heal to change them or for a reunion
  • -allowing them to treat you worse than you treat them (letting them neglect you, disappear, etc)

Basically, we know we are being codependent when we are trying to control, change, or manipulate someone.

When we act out of fear we know we need to shift in ourselves.

I’m sorry to break this cold ice for you but YOU CAN’T MAKE SOMEONE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!

There is no manifestation or spell that will make someone unwillingly fall in love with you.

It’s a toxic lie within the manifestation community that you can “have whoever you want” because “you are the creator/god of your life”.

Well, news flash SO IS EVERYONE ELSE.

They either love you or they don’t.

Sure you might be able to pull a specific someone to you using manifestation and spells but ultimately if they don’t truly love you the cycle will continue over again.

That’s why the ultimate key is to remain NON-ATTACHED to the outcomes!

This is also why I never suggest that my clients focus on a specific person because the moment you do you are creating codependency and coming from a place of lack which ultimately pushes that person further away from you.

So tell me are you struggling with letting go?

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